June 12, 2010

Stolen Bike.

Our buddy Rhom recently had his bike stolen. The thief was so determined to get Rhoms bike that he jumped over a backyard fence in broad daylight. Ran thru, go it. Then ran back to the fence and took off. Rhoms always been a super hard working kid and its always tough to get money together to build a new one. Getting your BMX bike stolen is something that should never happen to any rider. Unfortunately it does happen. So heres the deal. The bike you see above is his bike. Keep an eye out for it. its not a typical black on black bike. So it should be easy to spot. Now i dont promote violence by any means. But do what you have to do to get the bike back. (call cops, do whats best in the situation) So basically keep an eye out for this bike. Help out our good friend Rhom. Lets get him back riding!


Anonymous said...

you better hope they dont painit that shit. but if i see someone on that bike im fucking runing that nigga over and taking that shit fuck the cops.

Anonymous said...