June 8, 2010

OurFlyLives Is No Longer.

I spoke with Luis (owner of OFLVS) recently and he informed me that he's pursuing other interests at the moment. And has found other passions in life and the shop just wasn't one of them. OurFlyLives has done quite a bit in there short existence. They gave back to our local scene by offering sponsorship to local riders, and for most was there first sponsor. The scene benefitted immensely due to his belief in Miami's local talent. And gave the riders a great opportunity by giving them coverage and items from the shop. Ourflylives was also one of the main contributing sponsors at "The Battle Of Kendall" contest.So thank you to OurFlyLives for all there support and confidence in Miami's BMX scene.

The OFLVS team consisted of:
Chris Norburg
Gio Mercado
Rigo Corzo
Dillon Hearns
Andres Velez
& J.R.

OurFlyLives Night Edit. from Dillon Hearns on Vimeo.

OurFlyLives Kendall Edit. from Dillon Hearns on Vimeo.

Thanks Again OFLVS!

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