December 19, 2011

"5 On 5" Recap.

We did it this year, by far the best contest in my opinion. The level of riding was top notch but most importantly the vibe was amazing. Everyone was out there killing it and having a blast while at it. I want to thank everyone that came out & also big thanks from our sponsors to the people behind the scenes, you know who you are. Your support is what keeps this going. Again big thanks to everyone that showed up to ride and hang out! Heres a few thing from the contest, expect even more pictures and videos to surface soon. Enjoy!

Jake Kooser took over 20 pages worth of photos check them all out Here

Heres a few randoms,

Brian Fox - Barspin. Also 1st Place MVP
Logan Williamson - Bar


Dj MegaMan, holding it down on the electrical side of the event. Big ups to getting us all hooked up!

Our Judges making sure to take things incredibly seriously...

Mid Event!

Video via Jp Davies

Check back soon for more coverage.

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