September 25, 2011

Update On I.H. Skatepark.

I recently took a quick trip out to Indian Hammocks park to see the progress of the skatepark. As you can see the rebar is already in place, leaving me to believe that what you see is what you get. But the main problem i noticed was the hub of ledges in the middle. Seeing as how the park only has so much to offer it looks like everyones going to want to be riding the central spot. The problem i see happening is people running into each other. With so many ways to go, so many people are going to be intersecting. Personally it looks like a nightmare. Running into kids left and right. Hopefully people figure out how to make that work. Aside from that aspect it looks like a fun park to cruise with the vert wall and odd mini ramp its definitely unique to most of the parks we already have.When i find out the official opening date ill let you know.


PIZZLE. said...

Totally agree with what you said about the traffic that will be at the center of the park Dillon! There was obviously not much thought put into this project, which is a shame since, we BMX riders are part of the community, and should have somewhat of an influence on the park layout and such? Also, Just curious... Do you know if BMX is going to be allowed for sure? Because SDS is really strict on that type of stuff... sadly.

Anonymous said...