July 26, 2010

Miami 5's: Dillon Hearns.

1. Best Spot In Miami?

-Best spot in Miami is a tough one. Honestly if the session is going good and your with your friends any spot can become a great spot. I absolutely love riding Downtown Miami at night, it has the best vibe to it. So that is probably the best spot for me haha i cant think of one in particular.

2. Worst Spot In Miami?

-There's alot of spots im not to psyched on, but one in particular is Jackson South Hospital & that surrounding little area. Only because its a 2 minute bike ride away from my house & i end up riding that area by myself & constantly get hurt riding there. Its kind of a love hate but at the moment there's alot more hate than love for that area haha

3. Most influential local riders?

-Theres a pretty big list. Pretty much all my friends that i ride with. Matt Sosna, Leo Rosa, Andres Velez, Rigo Corzo, Steven Ontaneda, John Wilson, & John Mahoney all are really cool to chill with as well as ride with.

4. Craziest situation you've been in riding Miami?

-About a year ago i was riding south beach with Danny & French Tom. Danny was telling me about these curved wallrides he found. So we roll up to them (Danny not noticing its a Police station) & Start riding them. About 5mins in a white undercover car rolls up. A cop comes out starts with the whole "put the camera Down sit over there". So were chilling and the officer comes up to me and says "call your parents, your all going to jail". Were all shocked Me and Danny are just staring at each other in confusion. I call my dad and explain what happened the cop basically just takes the phone right out of my hand and starts talking to my dad. As the officer is talking with my dad C.S.I. comes out. The lady starts taking pictures of the wall, us, and our bikes. evidently the wall had just been painted BUT there were tire marks on it before we got there. They wanted money to paint them again so they were trying to pin the existing marks on us. Saying that we ruined the wall. So to shorten this up luckily the cop knew my dad from work a long time ago. Even knowing one of my parents he still was reluctant to take us three to jail. Luckily we talked ourselves out of it. And were just "banned from South Beach" haha. BUT ive had this same thing happen to me a few other times. Rigo, Junior, & myself almost went to jail for riding but thats another story.

5. Best part about living in Miami?

Just having nice weather and a variety of street spots.

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I'm a new reader to your blog, but have loved the few articles that I've read here today. Good stuff!