April 30, 2010

Miami 5's : Andres Velez.

Its been a while but the Miami 5's are back. I hit Andres up with these 5 questions and this is what he came up with.

1. Best Spot In Miami?

2. Worst Spot In Miami?
-stupid wall circular monument thing at Nikki beach (Fun Fact :Andres dislocated his shoulder there)

3. Most influential local riders?
- Rigo Corzo

4. Craziest situation you've been in riding Miami?
- Riding downtown with a friend and saw a bum at a metro by control with a heroin sirenge just dangiling of his neck and him talikng some crazy bum language.

5. Best part about living in Miami?
- Good street.

And there you have it. Unfortunately Andres dislocated his shoulder recently so hes off the bike for now. But here are some snaps to keep you entertained. Enjoy!

Dusk Tabletop At The Kendall Park.

Swing Over Toothpick In The Heart Of Miami

Scenic 180

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