December 11, 2009


Lets start by stating that The Battle Of Kendall Contest was not easy to put together. Lots of strings were pulled in order to make this happen. Miami's BMX scene has never seen something like this before. Major sponsors have come forth and provided lots of goods. In fact a frame is now up for grabs. The fact of the matter is that i need Miami's BMX scene to come out and enter the contest. Miami needs to show that we have riders that are actually riding. And If no one enters the contest its going to crash and burn. And so im asking for all riders to come out and sign up on Sunday December, 13. You might as well the prize bags are packed with goods from the top brands. Its worth a shot. I can guarantee that this is going to be an amazing day if we have a great turn out. Matt Sosna, Leo Rosa, and Mike Spinner will be judging the contest. Its open to only bikes from 4 to night. Come out and support your local BMX scene by entering and having an amazing time. I hope to see everyone there.

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