December 16, 2009


Anthony Villar has one of the most creative atmosphere cut up's ive ever seen. It looks so good.

New 2010 line of shirts and stickers out soon.
And a possible Atmosphere Bikes 2010 team?
Leave a comment if you would like to see a Team and a Flow team.
Its up to you guys.


Carlos Mendez said...

for sure a team sould be assembled

Anthony Villar said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

Weeeee need results for battle of kendal!!!

peter said...

do it!
i was rite behind him wen you took that pic lol

alex amador said...

itll be awesome if a team was made

Steven Sanchez said...

I think you should make the team the people who are the best/most dedicated, then just keep friends and other south florida riders on the flow team. kinda like how lotek does it

Anonymous said...

You'll do good for the Miami BMX scene if you have a pro and flow team. If you wanna bring attention to Miami, you do it with a serious pro team and filming. Steven Sanchez is right, put friends on the flow team.