December 17, 2008

Video I Found.

lurkin on myspace and found this video from 2004. 
Mayhem Distribution Winter Mixtape '04 from Justin Long on Vimeo.


J-Pizzle said...

Haha i rode with them guys downtown on Monday. There pretty good. There old school haha. They are all around 28 yrs old or older! still dope. Cool as fuck.

Anthony said...

dam those guys use to ride SFX and brian picalo back in the days...

Rigo said...

damn old school control, shit brings tears to the eye.
i remember some of those niggas.

nigga lets ride with them.

tom said...

yeah justin want to make some concrete works over here....lets help him and lets start ghettoparks spooooooooootssss

parlez vous francais?

Anonymous said...

word on tha street is that these are rigo's long lost friends

Rigo said...

Those arent my long lost friends but i would ride at the park wen i was a git n i would look up to most them dudes.
but forsure im down to make some shit at some abandon spots.
wats up wit the car dealership on us1 im down anybody else???

to dillon i think the topic of makin a spot deserves a post.

holla baybee.