September 3, 2008

Little Update

Sorry i haven't been posting but heres a little update on what's going on right now
-Danny is currently building a 30ft long 12wide halfpipe in his back yard
Its going to be painted in some sick Miami Vice colors.
-Dillon is ordering a Canon HF100 as soon as Andres gives him money(soon).
-Dillon also almost lost his balls on the jersey barrier at perrine.
-Arod Built a crazy quarter at his friends house it looks so sick see his myspace for more pictures.
-Daniel Edenburg ordered a Limited Edition Atmosphere Bikes V-Neck T-Shirt.
-In a little bit will be up and running.
-Also coming soon are a 2008 line of Atmosphere T-Shirts,Hats,Stickers,And Banners

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